Borosilicate Glass Reactor

Introduction Of Borosilicate Glass Reactor

The borosilicate glass reactor is a double glass (GG-17) designed device. The inner layer is used to place the reaction materials, and can be stirred for reaction, while the interlayer can be connected to different cold and heat sources (such as hot water, hot oil, refrigerated liquid) to realize cyclic heating or cooling reaction. Under the set constant temperature condition, through the 50L Jacketed Glass Reactor, the stirring reaction can be carried out under the condition of normal pressure or negative pressure, and the reflux and distillation operation of the reaction solution can be carried out.

This kind of glass reactor is widely used in the fields of modern fine chemical industry, biopharmaceutical and new material synthesis, and becomes an ideal pilot test and production equipment.

Features Of Borosilicate Glass Reactor

1. The borosilicate glass reactor is produced with GG17 high borosilicate glass, which has good physical and chemical properties. The bottle body is transparent, and the reaction liquid material can be seen.

2. Frequency conversion speed regulation, AC induction motor: Using frequency conversion speed regulation and AC induction motor, the stirring speed of the reactor can be adjusted according to the demand. This design ensures precise control of the reaction process and provides smooth, continuous stirring power.

borosilicate glass reactor

3. Five-mouth design of the five-mouth reactor lid: The lid of the reactor adopts a large-mouth design, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. This design makes it easier for the operator to enter the kettle for cleaning and improve work efficiency.

4. Hot oil and refrigerant circulation at the glass interlayer interface: Through the glass interlayer interface, the heating or cooling reaction can be circulated. Thermal oil can provide heating under high temperature conditions, while refrigerated liquid can be used for low temperature reactions to meet the requirements of different reaction conditions.

5. It can react at normal temperature and quickly dissipate heat: the reaction kettle can react at normal temperature without additional heating. The heat energy generated during the reaction can be dissipated rapidly through tap water to keep the reaction temperature stable.

6. Distillation and reflux at the same time: The reactor has the functions of distillation and reflux, and these two operations can be performed at the same time. Such a design makes the reaction process more flexible, and different operations can be performed according to needs, thereby improving the efficiency of the reaction and the purity of the product.

borosilicate glass reactor detail

7. The large-diameter discharge valve can discharge solid liquid.

8. The overall use of 304 stainless steel frame, stable and reliable stirring.

9. The ground feet adopt casters with brakes, which are easy to move.

borosilicate glass reactor2

Borosilicate Glass Reactor Technical Parameters

Basic parametersmodelS-50L
glass materialGG-17
frame materialStainless steel
Reaction bottle volume50L
Fitting material304 stainless steel
Mezzanine capacity16L
Flange inlet and outlet circulation portlow in high out
The number of bottle caps6
discharge port off the ground350mm
Kettle reaction temperature-80~200℃
stirring speed60-600rpm
Stirring shaft diameter15mm
stirring power250W
Voltage frequency220V/50Hz
Function configurationSpeed ​​modeFrequency
Speed display modeSmart digital display
Temperature display modePT100 sensor digital display
Sealing methodPTFE component seal
condenserVertical high-efficiency double return condenser
Dropping device2L constant pressure funnel
pressure relief deviceStandard port pressure reducing valve
Temperature tubeflange
Feeding methodInclined discharge type PTFE discharge valve
Reflux deviceReturn elbow with discharge switch, ball mill port
solid feedFlange port with PTFE cover
Vacuum display modevacuum gauge
Stirring Connectiongimbal connection
stirring rodAnchor stainless steel rod, outsourcing PTFE

Questions And Answers About Borosilicate Glass Reactor

Q: What is the working principle of borosilicate glass reactor?

A: The borosilicate glass reactor adopts a double-layer structure, and the interlayer is used to inject constant temperature hot solution or cooling liquid. These liquids can heat or cool the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature through the interlayer, and the interlayer can also provide stirring function. By injecting a constant temperature hot solution or cooling liquid, the reactor can provide a controlled constant temperature environment to heat or cool the reaction materials. This constant temperature control can meet the temperature requirements of different reactions and ensure the stability and repeatability of the reaction.

Q: How about the borosilicate glass reactor configuration?

A: In terms of collection device, return elbow with collection bottle is optional, explosion-proof optional explosion-proof motor explosion-proof inverter, the main part can be frame-type, sprayed with plastic or sprayed with PTFE, the insulation device is insulation cotton, and the temperature display in the kettle can be digital show.

Q: How to deal with the motor temperature is too high?

A: It is due to overload, stop the machine at this time, turn the machine shaft by hand to see if it is heavy, remove the dirt on the contact part between the sealing ring and the glass shaft, and then apply vacuum grease.

Q: How to carry out daily repair and maintenance of the machine?

A: 1. If the glass parts have serious stains, they can be cleaned with dilute sulfuric acid.

2. Always check the degree of wear (corrosion) of the sealing ring, and replace the worn (corroded) sealing ring in time to ensure the vacuum of the equipment.

3. The PTFE discharge valve should be cleaned frequently to prevent the material from being trapped between the valve and the glass due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient.

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Borosilicate Glass Reactor

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