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Vacuum oven is a kind of equipment widely used in scientific research laboratories and industrial production. It can dry and process substances by creating a vacuum environment. Its working principle is to use the vaporization characteristics of substances in a vacuum environment. In a vacuum state, the boiling point of the substance is lowered, allowing moisture and other volatile components to evaporate rapidly at a relatively low temperature. The temperature and dzf 6020 inside the drying oven can be precisely adjusted through the control system to meet the drying needs of different samples.

Application field of vacuum oven 

Scientific research:

In scientific research experiments in the fields of chemistry, biology, and materials, true drying ovens are often used for sample pretreatment, drying, and processing. It can remove moisture from the sample, reducing interference to experimental results while maintaining the physical and chemical properties of the sample.

scientific vacuum oven for sale

Pharmaceutical industry:

In the pharmaceutical process, the vacuum drying oven is used to prepare the raw materials and intermediates of the drug, and to remove the solvent and moisture in the drug. Drying in a vacuum environment can avoid thermal degradation of the drug and improve the quality and stability of the drug.

pharmaceutical vacuum oven for sale

Electronics industry:

During the manufacturing and assembly of electronic components, vacuum drying ovens are used to remove moisture and gas from the surface of components to reduce oxidation and corrosion of components. This is critical to improving the performance and reliability of electronic products.

electronics vacuum oven for sale

Food industry:

Vacuum drying ovens are also widely used in food processing and fresh-keeping fields. By removing moisture from foods, the shelf life of foods can be extended while maintaining their nutritional content and taste.

food vacuum oven for sale

Some people may be entangled in buying a vacuum oven or a hot air circulation oven. Below, FBL tells you how to choose.

Vacuum oven VS hot air circulation oven

Working principle:

Vacuum oven:

The vacuum oven achieves drying by establishing a negative pressure environment inside the oven and reducing the pressure. Under low pressure, the moisture in the material can evaporate at a lower temperature, promoting the drying process.

Hot air circulation oven:

A hot air circulation oven achieves drying by providing heating and circulating air flow. The hot air flows in the drying chamber through the circulation system to evaporate and discharge the moisture on the surface and inside of the material.

Drying effect:

Vacuum oven:

Due to the low pressure environment, vacuum ovens can perform drying at relatively low temperatures, helping to preserve the volatile components and quality characteristics of the material. In addition, vacuum ovens are more suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

Hot air circulation oven:

Circulating hot air ovens achieve drying by heating and circulating air. The higher heating temperature can evaporate moisture faster, which is suitable for materials with higher temperature requirements.

Material drying characteristics:

Vacuum oven:

Due to drying under low pressure environment, vacuum oven helps to maintain the color, volatile components and certain physical properties of the material, as well as reduce oxidation reactions. This may keep the dried material closer to its pristine state.

Hot air circulation oven:

Circulating air ovens typically dry at higher temperatures, which may lead to loss of volatile components, color changes or changes in quality properties in some materials. However, for some materials, high temperature drying can achieve the desired degree of dryness more quickly.

Generally speaking, there are differences in drying principles and effects between vacuum ovens and hot air circulation ovens. The material after drying may also vary, a vacuum oven may be more suitable for quality and volatility of the material

Case: Take the food industry as an example

Lycium barbarum is a traditional Chinese medicinal material rich in nutrients, such as vitamin C, carotene, zinc, iron, etc., which are beneficial to health. However, because it is susceptible to moisture and deterioration, long-term storage will also lose nutrients, so wolfberry needs to be processed through a drying process. In modern industrial production, vacuum drying oven has become an important tool for drying wolfberry.

A wolfberry planting company has made a new attempt in drying wolfberry. They used a vacuum drying oven to dry goji berries, and innovatively optimized the process to achieve a better drying effect.

First, they sorted the freshly picked goji berries, and selected goji berries with uniform maturity for drying. Then, put these goji berries in a vacuum drying box, adjust the temperature and humidity, start the vacuum pump, and suck out the air in the drying box, so that the moisture inside the goji berries is evaporated and volatilized, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Compared with the traditional drying process, the drying method of the vacuum drying oven has the following advantages:

First of all, the drying speed of wolfberry in the vacuum drying oven is faster, which can greatly shorten the drying time and improve production efficiency;

Secondly, the temperature and humidity in the vacuum drying oven can be precisely controlled, avoiding the problem of poor quality of wolfberry caused by improper drying temperature and humidity;

The heat source and air circulation in the vacuum drying oven are very uniform, which can ensure a more uniform drying effect of wolfberry;

Finally, wolfberries dried in a vacuum drying oven have better taste and nutritional value, and are also drier and easier to store.

After testing and practice, they successfully dried a batch of high-quality wolfberry, which has been widely recognized and praised in the market. By adopting the process of drying in a vacuum oven, they not only improved the quality and output of wolfberries, but also brought greater economic benefits to the company.

Vacuum Oven For Sale

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