Industrial Solvent Recycler

Industrial Solvent Recycler

Paint thinner can be recycled and reused!

An thinner recycling machine is a device used to recycle diluents used in industrial processes.

In some industrial processes, such as painting, printing, cleaning, etc., it is usually necessary to use thinners to dilute or clean paints, paints, inks and other substances.

These diluents will be polluted during use, resulting in waste and environmental problems. The dilute industrial solvent recycler separates the solvent from the polluted diluent by heating and evaporating, thereby realizing the recycling of the diluent.

Before and After Recovery – Aqueous Diluent

Spray paint and paint manufacturers will use a large amount of paint thinner, commonly known as thinner, also known as thinner, banana water and so on. Use thinner to clean spray guns, paint buckets, etc. After repeated cleaning, a large amount of impurities (such as: paint, ink, grease, pigment, resin, etc.) will be mixed in the diluent. Finally, the diluent mixed with a large amount of impurities will be poured out. However, this method of disposing of waste thinner is neither economical nor environmentally friendly.

It is not economical because the diluent mixed with impurities can be used for cleaning again after treatment, because the cleaning process does not have high requirements for the purity of the diluent, so only one kind of equipment is needed to extract the diluent from the impurities. Yes; it is not environmentally friendly because the diluent is a mixture of several organic chemicals, which are toxic and will pollute the groundwater system if dumped directly into the ground, and directly pollute the People’s tap water sources endanger human health.

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Industrial solvent recycler operation steps

1. Put the waste diluent that needs to be recycled into the distillation barrel of the industrial solvent recycler;

2. The equipment heats the waste diluent in the distillation barrel by electrically heating the heat-conducting oil (indirect heating of the heat-conducting oil);

3. After the temperature reaches the boiling point of the diluent, the solvent is vaporized, and the vaporized steam is separated from impurities (non-volatile substances such as paint, ink, grease, pigment, resin, etc.), and enters the cooling system of the diluent recovery machine from the top of the distillation barrel. After liquefaction and concentration, the clean diluent flows out from the side pipe of the solvent recovery machine;

4. After the first recovery cycle, only residue and a very small amount of solvent remain at the bottom of the distillation barrel. For the remaining residue, you can use manual or automatic residue unloading system to clean up the residue, or you can use a high-temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant solvent recovery special bag in the distillation barrel to clean up the residue more conveniently.

industrial solvent recycler working principle

Function and configuration options

Feeding method

All FBL models can choose different feeding methods according to your budget and actual needs:

Manual feeding

1. Pneumatic pump single feeding

2. Fully automatic continuous feeding

3.PLC automatic model

industrial solvent recycler detail

Solvent Recovery Bags

Prevent strong corrosive solvents from corroding the wall of the recycling bin, prolong the service life of the recycling bin; facilitate the cleaning of residues and reduce work intensity; the residues can be cleaned easily and quickly.

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Vacuum pump

Equipped with a vacuum pump, it becomes a negative pressure distillation equipment, and it is recommended to choose it if the boiling point of the solvent exceeds 160 degrees.

* It can also be customized according to user needs, and the highest boiling point solvents below 300 degrees Celsius can be distilled.

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Why choose FBL 

Professional R&D and Manufacturing

FBL is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of industrial solvent recycler. It has strong product technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities, and is leading in technology and advanced products in the industrial industrial solvent recycler.

Professional technical service

Having been engaged in the environmental protection industry for many years, FBL has rich experience in solvent recovery and product application technology and product application in the application of solvent recovery and oil purification treatment in various industries; it can provide users with guidance and services in solvent recovery and treatment professional technology.

Standard model + customized service

FBL can provide standard machines of various products to customers at home and abroad. The industrial solvent recycler series has standard models with capacities of 20L, 40L, 60L, 80L, 90L, 125L, 250L and 450L; it is convenient for users to choose freely; and can According to the special needs of the user’s enterprise, we can customize products suitable for the enterprise’s own needs.

Safety explosion-proof

The explosion-proof structure of the whole machine is designed and manufactured, and the products are designed and manufactured according to the National Electrical Explosion-Proof Standard (CNEX) and European and American Electrical Explosion-Proof Standards (ATEX) and (CE) standards, and have obtained certification and certificates.

Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount, and all manufactured products are qualified products that have passed strict inspections. Carry out quality control in accordance with the ISO international quality management system and the quality control requirements of the system to ensure that raw materials, spare parts procurement, equipment component customization, equipment assembly and performance testing meet the management requirements of the quality control system, and manufacture high-quality products.

Excellent performance

Built-in program control operation, frequency conversion heating, energy saving; CNC heating, stable performance, simple operation, safe and practical; installation does not take up space, easy maintenance, ultra-low maintenance cost; recovered solvent is clean, good performance; recovery rate can reach 95% above. It can help enterprises greatly reduce the purchase of solvents, greatly save costs; save resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Price advantage

Carefully designed for the sake of users, it can be used without on-site service from the manufacturer, which reduces the sales service cost of the machine; independent research and development, standardized mass production, whether it is a standard machine, PLC model, or a high-end customized model, in the guarantee When the material is reliable, it is far lower than the price of the same product in Europe and America at the same level.

Industrial Solvent Recycler

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