Vacuum Oven with Pump

Model: DZF-6210
Capacity: 215L
Application:Drying delicate materials,Dehydration of organic compounds,Dehydration of organic compounds,Drying heat-sensitive materials,Food processing,Freeze-drying
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DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven is a vertical vacuum drying oven with an internal volume of 215L, which is a medium-sized vacuum drying oven. Each partition of DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven has a separate temperature sensor. The separate control loop has a precise response to the drying of different loads. Each shelf used can be independently displayed in the setting, monitoring temperature and timing. and control; the heating element is directly placed under the shelf, so it will not cause temperature deviation, the measurement is more accurate, and the temperature control is more stable; the heating and operating time is more than 50% shorter than the heating time of the bundled heating around the liner.

DZF 6210 vacuum oven with pump

DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven Grouped equipment:

2XZ-6 rotary vane vacuum pump:

2XZ-6 rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly composed of pump body, rotor, rotary vane, end cover, spring and so on. A rotor is installed eccentrically in the cavity of the rotary vane pump, the outer circle of the rotor is tangent to the inner surface of the pump cavity, and two rotary vanes with springs are installed in the rotor groove of the rotary vane pump. When the rotary vane rotates, relying on the centrifugal force and the tension of the spring to make the top of the rotary vane contact with the inner wall of the pump chamber, the rotation of the rotor drives the rotary vane to slide along the inner wall of the pump chamber. There is a reliable dust-proof device, when the debris passes through the dust-proof device, it can only flow around the outside of the dust-proof device. This can ensure the normal operation of the pump and solve the problem of debris entering the pump chamber and killing it. The 2XZ-6 rotary vane vacuum pump has a compound screw with an air release valve and an oil inlet hole. When the oil hole is blocked, it is necessary to drain the oil and remove the oil tank to dredge the oil hole. When the vacuum pump unscrews the compound screw, the oil hole of the rotary vane vacuum pump can be dredged, and sundries and water vapor can be discharged. This saves labor and greatly improves the working efficiency of the pump.

vacuum oven with pump Supporting Equipment

DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven features:

  1. The appearance of the vacuum drying oven is horizontal, the material of the studio is stainless steel, and the shape is square, which expands the use space compared with the round shape.
  2. Surrounding the outdoor heating to make the temperature more uniform, avoiding the contact between organic objects and open flames, the temperature setting and control are all intelligent digital display, with the characteristics of accurate temperature control and high precision.
  3. The 6210 adopts a double-layer vacuum glass door, which increases the heat preservation performance, reduces the fogging of the observation window, and can observe the dried items more clearly.
  4. The high-precision microcomputer temperature controller adopts PID self-tuning and double LED window indication function, and the temperature fluctuation is small and reliable.
  5. The tightness of the box door can be adjusted, and the integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ring ensures high vacuum in the box.

vacuum oven with pump Structures

DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven application:

The DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven can maintain a certain degree of vacuum in the working room, and uses an intelligent digital temperature regulator to set, display and control the temperature. The temperature regulator adopts computer technology to collect and process the temperature signal in the working room, so that the temperature in the working room can be kept at a constant temperature automatically. The vertical vacuum drying oven can perform fast and efficient drying of powder drying, baking and drying of heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized substances and complex components.

vacuum oven with pump Application


Model Temp. Range(°C) Max. Vacuum Degree(Mpa) Working Temp.(°C) Chamber Capacity (L) Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm) Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm)
DZF-6010 RT+10~200 0.098 +5~40 8 200*200*200 600*400*430
DZF-6020 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 25 300*300*270 620*510*480
DZF-6050 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 55 400*400*345 710*580*530
DZF-6090 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 90 450*450*450 610*680*710
DZF-6210 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 215 560*600*640 720*820*1750
DZF-6500 RT+10~200°C 0.098 +5~40 430 630*810*845


1. Advantages of vertical vacuum drying oven:

Various complex mechanical parts or other porous samples are cleaned by vacuum drying method, and no participating substances are left after drying; it is safer to use, and the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides is eliminated under vacuum or inert conditions; the vacuum environment is greatly improved. Lowers the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be expelled;

2. What are the protection systems of the vertical vacuum drying oven:

Over-temperature protection system: The machine is equipped with an over-temperature protection system and an automatic fuse system when the power is too large at the power input of the whole machine. High temperature protection system: When the temperature is out of control due to external force, the system will automatically stop the power supply of the whole machine when the temperature exceeds the set temperature by 10 degrees, so as to protect the safety of your products and machines.

Vacuum Oven with Pump

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