Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Model: DZF-6090
Capacity: 90L
Application:Drying delicate materials,Dehydration of organic compounds,Dehydration of organic compounds,Drying heat-sensitive materials,Food processing,Freeze-drying
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The DZF-6090 laboratory vacuum oven adds vacuum conditions on the basis of high temperature drying, which greatly reduces the boiling point and vapor pressure, provides a dust-free, vortex-free drying process and a mild environment for the test and heating process, and also makes solvents Steam is easily collected, vented or reused. In addition, storage, heating, testing and drying are carried out in an environment without oxygen or filled with inert gas, so the experimental samples are not easily oxidized.

The upper part of the DZF-6090 laboratory vacuum oven is a stainless steel studio, with two shelves in the studio for independent temperature control, and the lower part is a tool box, with a built-in direct-connected vacuum pump and a vacuum electromagnetic inflation valve, customized control functions, and complete configuration. , which can be used directly. The box shell is sprayed with cold plate, blue door gray box body, thermal insulation cotton filling heat insulation, microcomputer temperature controller, can automatically adjust the control parameters according to the size of the ambient temperature load, reliable temperature control accuracy, tempered, bulletproof double glass The door can be used to observe objects in the studio at a glance. The tightness of the box door can be adjusted, and the integrally formed silicone door seal ring ensures the sealing effect. The studio is made of stainless steel plate. Storage, heating and drying are carried out in an environment without oxygen or full of inert gas, so it will not oxidize.DZF 6090 laboratory vacuum oven

DZF-6090 laboratory vacuum oven Grouped equipment:

2XZ-4 rotary vane vacuum pump:

The 2XZ-4 rotary vane vacuum pump is a two-stage direct-connected structure. Its working performance is composed of two parts: a high-pressure stage and a low-pressure stage. Its suction port is connected to the vacuum equipment, and a large amount of gas in the container is sucked and discharged during operation. , when the equipment obtains vacuum, the exhaust valve of the high-pressure stage is closed, and the gas at the inlet of the high-pressure stage will be transferred to the second stage, and a certain vacuum can be obtained through the second stage suction and discharge of the vacuum equipment. The technical parameters of the 2XZ-4 rotary vane vacuum pump are 6×10-2 Pa, the pump is connected to the motor, high speed, small in appearance, compact in structure, easy to flow and work, and can be used in the manufacture of electric vacuum devices, thermos bottles, Vacuum welding, printing, plastic absorption, refrigeration equipment repair and instrumentation matching, etc. Because it has the advantages of small size, light weight, and low operating sound, it is more suitable for use in laboratories.

laboratory vacuum oven Supporting Equipment

DZF-6090 laboratory vacuum oven features:

  1. The studio adopts high-quality steel plate or sanitary stainless steel plate, which is strong and anti-corrosion;
  2. Bullet-proof double-layer temperature-resistant tempered glass windows make your observation work clear at a glance;
  3. The heat source adopts a built-in S-type explosion-proof resistance tube, which is safe and reliable; and the honeycomb heat conduction window makes the working space evenly heated.
  4. The temperature controller is controlled by an external high-power thyristor, which is quick to trigger and sensitive to control. The double-screen digital display panel adjusted by touch keys makes your setting or reading more intuitive. The built-in microcomputer processor sends out electrical signals to control the heating element. Current on-off work, after PID self-tuning (can be adjusted manually), the corrected parameters will be automatically locked, the adjusted parameters can keep the temperature more accurately within the set range, and the error is between normal pressure and The vacuum state is less than ±1°C.

laboratory vacuum oven Advantages

Laboratory vacuum oven application:

The laboratory vacuum oven uses a vacuum environment to lower the boiling point of the liquid, and is easily applied to heat-sensitive substances. For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other granular samples, the vacuum drying method can effectively shorten the drying time. Various complex structures After mechanical parts or other porous samples are cleaned, vacuum drying is used, and no residual substances are left after complete drying. Under vacuum or inert conditions, the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides can be completely eliminated, compared with ordinary drying that relies on air circulation , the powder sample will not be blown or moved by the flowing air. DZF-6090 laboratory vacuum drying oven is suitable for teaching, scientific research, medicine, chemical industry, food and environmental protection, etc., to dry items under vacuum conditions.

laboratory vacuum oven Application


Model Temp. Range(°C) Max. Vacuum Degree(Mpa) Working Temp.(°C) Chamber Capacity (L) Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm) Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm)
DZF-6010 RT+10~200 0.098 +5~40 8 200*200*200 600*400*430
DZF-6020 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 25 300*300*270 620*510*480
DZF-6050 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 55 400*400*345 710*580*530
DZF-6090 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 90 450*450*450 610*680*710
DZF-6210 RT+10~200(250) 0.098 +5~40 215 560*600*640 720*820*1750
DZF-6500 RT+10~200°C 0.098 +5~40 430 630*810*845


What is the working principle of laboratory vacuum drying oven?

The DZF-6090 vacuum drying oven uses a vacuum environment to reduce the boiling point of the liquid, and is applied to heat-sensitive substances. For powder or other granular samples, under vacuum or inert conditions, the powder samples will not be blown or moved by the flowing air, and use vacuum The drying method can shorten the drying time.

What are the safety guarantees of the laboratory vacuum drying oven?

The controller is equipped with over-temperature protection and high-temperature protection setting for the set temperature; the equipment is equipped with leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and other equipment in the laboratory; the system is equipped with a temperature-limited buzzer alarm system; stainless steel heating tubes, corrosion-resistant, long lasting.

Laboratory Vacuum Oven

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