50L Rotovap

Model: RE-5002
Capacity: 50L
Application: 50L Rotovap is suitable for distillation,extraction,romove solvents,crystallization,separation
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Introduction Of 50L Rotovap

R-1050 rotary evaporator, the capacity of the evaporating bottle is 50L, and the capacity of the receiving bottle is 20L. The 50L rotovap is a valuable tool in any industry or experiment where efficient and precise separation, concentration or purification of compounds from liquid mixtures is required.

Grouped Equipment

DLSB-50/30 low temperature coolant circulation pump

Capacity: 50L; Minimum no-load temperature: -30°C; Power 100W

SHZ-C vertical vacuum pump

Capacity: 50L; Maximum vacuum: 0.098MPa


50l rotovap support equipment


Advantages Of 50L Rotovap

  • Large capacity:

    One 50l rotovap can handle a large number of samples, suitable for processing multiple samples at the same time or processing a large number of samples.

  • Increased efficiency:

    Compared with smaller rotary evaporators, the 50l rotovap uses large evaporating flasks to complete evaporation faster and more efficiently.

  • Higher precision:

    50l rotovap is designed with high-precision control devices and sensors, which can precisely control temperature, vacuum and other process parameters, so as to obtain more consistent and reliable results.

  • Versatility:

    The 50l rotovap can be used in a wide range of applications including solvent recovery, distillation and purification of organic compounds.

  • Reduced costs:

    Compared to other types of large evaporators, a 50l rotovap typically has lower operating and maintenance costs, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Automated operation:

    Many models feature automated features that increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human error. These features include automatic bottle lifting, vacuum control and digital display of process parameters.

  • Improved Safety:

    A large rotary evaporator like the 50L rotovap usually has safety features such as automatic shutdown and overpressure protection to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

  • Compatibility with a variety of solvents:

    The 50L Rotary Evaporator is compatible with a variety of solvents, making it suitable for various types of compounds.50l rotovap2

Applications Of 50L Rotovap

  • Pharmaceutical industry:

    50l rotovap is used for the separation and purification of pharmaceutical active ingredients, the removal of solvents in reaction mixtures and the development of new drug preparations.

  • Chemical industry:

    50L rotary evaporator is used for solvent recovery, distillation and concentration of various chemicals, and also for the production of fine chemicals, flavors and fragrances.

  • Food industry:

    50l rotovap is used to concentrate the flavor and aroma of food, as well as to extract and purify natural compounds for the production of food ingredients and supplements.

  • Environmental industry:

    50l rotovap is used for the analysis and purification of environmental samples such as soil, water, air, etc. to identify and quantify pollutants and contaminants.

  • Academic research:

    50l rotovap is used for academic research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, material science, etc. It is used for the separation and purification of compounds, the analysis of reaction products, and the development of new chemical and biological materials.

50l rotovap detail

Precautions Of 50L Rotovap

  • Set up the device:

Mount the glassware and connect the cooler and vacuum pump to the rotary evaporator.

  • Turn on the vacuum:

Turn on the vacuum pump and adjust the vacuum to the level required for the solvent used. Vacuum will help evaporate the solvent and speed up the process. When the vacuum gauge maintains the maximum vacuum for a period of time, it indicates that the equipment is well sealed and can start feeding.

  • Loading:

Connect the feeding valve with the added sample with a hose, add the sample solution into the 50L evaporating flask, be careful not to fill it too full, it is recommended that each addition should not exceed 1/2 of the spinner bottle

  • Start spinning:

Turn the speed control knob on the speed control box left to the minimum, then turn on the power of the rotating motor, turn the rotary switch upwards, the indicator light is on, the display screen of the speed control box is on, and then slowly turn right to the required speed

  • Temperature regulation:

Adjust the temperature of the heating bath to the desired level. The rotation helps spread the sample over the surface of the flask, increasing the rate of evaporation.

  • Collect condensed solvent:

As the sample evaporates, the solvent is condensed and collected in the condenser. Make sure the receiving bottle is positioned properly to collect condensed solvent.

  • Stop the process:

After the desired amount of solvent has been collected, turn off the rotation and heat, and turn off the vacuum pump. Allow the system to cool before removing the glassware.

Re 501- rotary evaporator5


Mol Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range Evaporation Rate(H2O) Voltage Lifing Height(mm)
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~140
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃ >3L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃ >5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃ >9L/h 380V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃ ≥1 220V 50/60HZ 0-140
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250) >3 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250) >5 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250) >9 380V/50HZ /
Model Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250)
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250)
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250)


Q:What kind of maintenance does a 50 liter rotary evaporator require?

A:The maintenance required for a rotary evaporator may vary by model and application. Regular maintenance may include cleaning glassware, replacing worn or damaged parts, and checking seals and fittings for leaks.

Q:What safety measures should be taken when using a 50L rotary evaporator?

A:Safety measures when using the 50L Rotavapor include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring adequate ventilation, handling flammable or toxic solvents with care, and monitoring process parameters to prevent overheating or overpressure.

Q:Can 50L rotovap be used to distill water?

A:Yes, the 50L Rotary Evaporator can be used for the distillation of water. However, it is important to note that distillation of water requires specialized glassware and precautions to prevent contamination.

Q:What is the difference between a 50L rotary evaporator and a 20L rotary evaporator?

A:The main difference between a 50L rotary evaporator and a 20L rotary evaporator is the size of the evaporating flask. The 50L Rotary Evaporator has a larger evaporation flask to handle larger sample volumes.

50L Rotovap

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