20L Rotary Evaporator

Model: R-1020
Capacity: 20L
Application: distillation,extraction,romove solvents,crystallization,separation
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R-1020 rotary evaporator, the capacity of the evaporating bottle is 20L, and the capacity of the receiving bottle is 10L. The 20L rotary evaporator can heat the material at a constant temperature, and rotate it under negative pressure to form a thin film, perform efficient evaporation, and evaporate the lysozyme to condense and recover. It is especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat-sensitive materials. It is an important equipment for scientific research, pilot test and production in biopharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
20L rotary evaporator

Grouped Equipment

DLSB-30/30 low temperature coolant circulation pump
Capacity: 30L; Minimum no-load temperature: -30°C; Power 100W
SHZ-C vertical vacuum pump
Capacity: 50L; Maximum vacuum: 0.098MPa
20L rotary evaporator Grouped Equipment

Performance Structure

  • The main bracket is made of cold plate anti-corrosion spray plastic + aluminum alloy material, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics. The pot liner is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is compact in structure, durable and beautiful in appearance.
  • The sealing system adopts polytetrafluoroethylene + fluorine rubber composite seal, which can maintain high vacuum.
  • The piston-type feeding valve is socketed with the PTFE extension tube, which can continuously feed the material to the evaporating bottle under vacuum, which is convenient for customers to use.
  • Upright two-layer serpentine coil condenser ensures high recovery rate.
  • Large liquid crystal display screen, control rotation, heating and lifting at the same time, easy to operate, large viewing angle, clear viewing.
  • The 20L rotary evaporator motor is a brushless deceleration and booster motor, which has no spark and low noise; the lifting motor is also a deceleration and booster motor.
  • Bathing pot constant temperature control, PT100 sensor at the bottom of the pot + stainless steel probe, fast and accurate transmission of temperature.
  • Electric heating and lowering of the heating bath, equipped with a silicone cover outside the heating bath, which is heat-insulated and anti-scalding.
  • The collection bottle has a lower discharge port, equipped with glass + PTFE independent discharge valve, and the recovery of the solution is very fast.
  • There is a drain valve at the bottom of the pot for easy draining.
  • Vacuum switching valve can carry out continuous collection and discharge without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
  • Over-temperature protection function, when the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5°C, the machine will automatically cut off the power when it is heated, and the maintenance is simple.
  • Anti-dry function, when the water level in the heating pot is lower than the heating tube, the machine will automatically cut off the power, flexible operation and durable.
  • If the 20L rotary evaporator suddenly loses power during work, when the power is turned on again, the machine will automatically stop heating to save energy and reduce consumption.

20L rotary evaporator Features

Applications Of 20L Rotary Evaporator

20L rotary evaporator is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. It is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products that are easy to decompose and denature at high temperature.


Abnormal phenomenon: motor speeding (only the highest speed)

Test content:

  • Check whether the coil of the tachogenerator is broken, and use a multimeter to measure the normal resistance of pins “1 and 2” of the seven-core plug (the plug is aligned with the two sides of the slot) and the normal resistance is about 400Ω.
  • Alternator coil shorted to case.
  • Generator magnetic ring does not rotate.
  • Broken generator core.


  • Reinsert the plug and connect the disconnected wire.
  • Replace the fuse or confirm that there is no abnormality in the power supply.
  • Update the circuit board or electric control box.
  • Connect the ground wire or change the work location

Abnormal phenomenon: motor heating


  • Motor temperature rise (casing temperature – room temperature), △T≤ 40℃ is normal
  • △T>40℃ according to the right method.
  • Do not need to deal with, can continue to use.
  • ①Reduce the stirring blade and lighten the load.

②Avoid the rotational resonance point.

③ Properly increase the speed and use medium speed.

④Exhaust the abnormal resistance of the mechanical part.

⑤Maintain the sealing and lubricating parts.

20L rotary evaporator Detail


Model Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range Evaporation Rate(H2O) Voltage Lifing Height(mm)
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~140
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃ >3L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃ >5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃ >9L/h 380V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃ ≥1 220V 50/60HZ 0-140
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250) >3 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250) >5 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250) >9 380V/50HZ /
Model Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250)
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250)
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250)


Q: How to prevent solvent spray during rotary evaporation?


  1. The temperature should not be too high, and the temperature of the water bath should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. Do not fill too much. If it is a low boiling point solvent, you can consider not heating and slowly adjust the vacuum degree.
  3. Replace the recovery bottle with a relatively large capacity. Generally, the smaller the capacity of the recovery bottle, the easier it is to bump! !
  4. The vacuum pressure should not be too high, and people should not leave during the rotary steaming process, and keep an eye on it all the time. Once there is a sign of spraying, open the vacuum valve immediately.
  5. For solvents with low boiling point and easy to bumping spray, use your fingers to operate the vent port of the 20L rotary evaporator to properly vent and pressurize.
  6. Use the anti-knock ball of anti-shock material, which can be poured back after spraying. This needs to ensure that the explosion-proof ball is clean, so wash it before each use!

Q: How to choose the appropriate rotary evaporation temperature?

A: The best use method of 20L rotary evaporator is called the golden “Δ20℃ rule”. In order for the vapor to condense sufficiently, the temperature of the cooling circulator should be set approximately 20 °C below the vapor temperature. For example a solvent vapor temperature of 30°C is generated at a bath temperature of 50°C, followed by condensation at 10°C.

Q: How to choose the rotary steaming pressure?

A: The pressure and temperature of the 20L rotary evaporator are very important. Generally speaking, there is a linear relationship between bath temperature and evaporation rate. The more energy you use in the evaporation process while removing more energy from the condensation section, the more efficient the distillation will be. Provided that, you also need to take care that the condenser has sufficient cooling capacity and is stable under pressure. A good balance between energy supply and removal can be achieved by adjusting the water bath temperature, vacuum system and cooling temperature.

20L Rotary Evaporator

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