20L Rotovap

Model: RE-2002
Capacity: 20L
Application: 20L Rotovap is suitable for distillation,extraction,romove solvents,crystallization,separation
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Introduction Of 20L Rotovap

RE-2002 rotary evaporator, the capacity of the evaporating bottle is 20L, and the capacity of the receiving bottle is 10L. The 20L rotovap is an instrument specially designed for evaporating solvents under vacuum (single stage or straight run). The evaporator consists of a heated bath with a rotating flask, in which the liquid is distributed in a thin film on the hot wall surface and evaporates easily. Evaporation rate is adjusted by heating bath temperature, flask size, distillation pressure and rotation speed.

Grouped Equipment

DLSB-30/30 low temperature coolant circulation pump

Capacity: 30L; Minimum no-load temperature: -30°C; Power 100W

SHZ-C vertical vacuum pump

Capacity: 50L; Maximum vacuum: 0.098MPa

20l rotovap support- equipment


Advantages Of 20L Rotovap

  • The parts in contact with materials are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and polytetrafluoroethylene materials, which have stable performance and are not easy to chemically react with materials, and are easy to use.

The main frame of the 20L rotovap is made of cold plate anti-corrosion spray plastic + aluminum alloy, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics. The pot is made of 304 stainless steel, which is compact in structure, durable and beautiful in appearance.

  • The sealing system adopts polytetrafluoroethylene + fluorine rubber composite seal, which can maintain high vacuum.
  • The piston-type feeding valve is socketed with the PTFE extension tube, which can continuously feed the material to the evaporating bottle under vacuum, which is convenient for customers to use.
  • Vertical double-layer serpentine coil double condensers, main cooling + auxiliary cooling double condensers, to ensure high recovery rate
  • The rotating motor is a brushless deceleration booster motor with no spark and low noise.
  • Bathing pot constant temperature control, PT100 sensor at the bottom of the pot + stainless steel probe, fast and accurate transmission of temperature.
  • Electrical lifting of the bathing pot, equipped with a silicone cover outside the bathing pot, which is heat-insulated and anti-scalding.
  • Rotary and heating dual fuses have high protection performance.

The collection bottle has a lower discharge port, connected to glass + PTFE independent discharge valve, and the recovery of the solution is very fast

  • There is a drain valve at the bottom of the pot for easy draining.
  • Vacuum switching valve can carry out continuous collection and discharge without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
  • Over-temperature protection function, when the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature by 5°C, the 20L rotovap heating will automatically cut off the power, and the maintenance is simple.
  • Anti-dry function, when the water level in the heating pot is lower than the heating tube, the 20L rotovap will automatically cut off the power, flexible operation and durable.

20l rotovap detail


Applications Of 20L Rotovap

  1. Distillation of solvent.
  2. Concentration of solutions and suspensions.
  3. Crystallization or recrystallization.
  4. Synthesis and purification of fine chemicals.
  5. Soxhlet extraction.
  6. Drying of powders and granules.
  7. Solvent recovery.


Precautions Of 20L Rotovap

  1. The glass parts should be handled with care, and should be cleaned, wiped or dried before installation.
  2. Each grinding port, sealing surface, sealing ring and joint need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation.
  3. Water must be added before the heating tank is powered on, and dry heating without water is not allowed.
  4. If the vacuum cannot be pumped up, it needs to be checked

⑴Whether the joints and interfaces are sealed

⑵ Whether the sealing ring and the sealing surface are effective

⑶ Whether the vacuum grease between the main shaft and the sealing ring is well coated

⑷ Whether the vacuum pump and its leather tube are leaking

⑸Whether the glass parts are cracked, broken or damaged

  1. Precious solutions should be simulated first. After confirming that the 20L rotovap is suitable, it can be used normally.
  2. The precise water temperature is directly measured with a thermometer.
  3. When the work is over, turn off the switch and unplug the power plug.

Re 501- rotary evaporator5


Mol Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range Evaporation Rate(H2O) Voltage Lifing Height(mm)
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~140
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃ >3L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃ >5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃ >9L/h 380V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃ ≥1 220V 50/60HZ 0-140
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250) >3 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250) >5 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250) >9 380V/50HZ /
Model Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250)
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250)
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250)



Q: The vacuum degree of 20L rotovap is not up to standard?

A: Vacuum degree is the most important process parameter of 20L rotovap, and users often encounter the problem that the degree of vacuum cannot meet the standard. This is often related to the nature of the solvent used. Biochemical and pharmaceutical industries often use water, ethanol, acetic acid, petroleum ether, chloroform, etc. as solvents. General vacuum pumps cannot withstand strong organic solvents, and special vacuum pumps with strong corrosion resistance can be used. (It is recommended to use a water circulation vacuum pump, which is available in our company)

The method to check whether the 20L rotovap is leaking: pinch off the external vacuum leather tube, and observe the vacuum gauge on the instrument to see if it can keep airtight for five minutes. If there is air leakage, check whether the sealing rings on the sealing joints and the rotating shaft are effective (see maintenance). On the contrary, if the instrument is normal, it is necessary to check the vacuum pump and vacuum pipeline.

Q: 20L rotovap motor heating up?

A: The motor of this instrument uses a special motor with E-class insulation, and the winding uses polyester high-strength enameled wire. It can be used continuously when the altitude does not exceed 1,000 meters and the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C; Poor) not exceeding 45°C is normal, if the temperature rise exceeds 45°C, check the relevant transmission lubrication system.

20L Rotovap

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