10L Rotovap

Model: RE-1002
Capacity: 10L
Application: 10L Rotovap is suitable for distillation,extraction,romove solvents,crystallization,separation
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Introduction Of 10L Rotovap

RE-1010 rotary evaporator, the capacity of the evaporating bottle is 10L, and the capacity of the receiving bottle is 5L. 10l rotovap, sealed with Teflon material and glass, can withstand various solvents, has durable and reliable airtightness, and can maintain a high vacuum degree above -0.098MPa.

Grouped Equipment

DLSB-20/30 low temperature coolant circulation pump

Capacity: 20L; Minimum no-load temperature: -30°C; Power 100W

SHZ-C vertical vacuum pump

Capacity: 50L; Maximum vacuum: 0.098MPa

10l rotovap support equipment

Structure Of 10L Rotovap:

10l rotary evaporator water bath:

Imported stainless steel is used for one-time stamping and forming. Automatic lifting function, smooth speed, no impact.

10l rotary evaporator condenser tube:

Heat-resistant glass, large-diameter three-reflux spiral condensation structure, expanding the condensation area, saving time and money.

10l rotary evaporator inlet and outlet combination valve:

Unique ftfe three-way combination valve. Arbitrarily control air and liquid flow, feed and discharge materials without stopping the machine, and improve work efficiency.

10l rotary evaporator sealing parts:

Use new foreign ptfe material. Treated with special technology to enhance sealing, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.

The main structure of the 10l rotary evaporator:

High-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials are used to further improve and improve the reasonable performance of the instrument.

10l rotary evaporator liquid crystal display:

Liquid temperature and rotation speed are displayed on the liquid crystal screen, which can be set by one button with the knob, with high temperature control accuracy and more stable speed.

High borosilicate glass:

Which has good heat resistance and vibration resistance, is durable and easy to clean

10l rotovap detail

Applications Of 10L Rotovap

10l rotovap is mainly used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. It is used in the fields of chemistry, chemical industry, and biomedicine. Equipment for recovery and other processes.

Small amount test:

2L, 3L, 5L rotary evaporator;

Pilot test:

5L, 10L, 20L rotary evaporator;

Pilot test and production:

20L, 50L rotary evaporator.

Instrument Maintenance Of 10L Rotovap

  1. Before use, carefully check whether the glass bottle of 10l rotovap is damaged and whether the interfaces are consistent. Handle with care.
  2. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth (you can replace it with a napkin), and apply a little vacuum grease.
  3. Regularly loosen each interface to avoid long-term locking, which may cause the connector to bite dead.
  4. Turn on the power switch first and let the machine run from slow to fast. When stopping, make the 10l rotovap stop and turn off the switch.
  5. The PTFE switch cannot be tightened too hard, which may easily cause glass damage.
  6. After use, use a soft cloth to wipe off the remaining stains on the surface of the 10l rotovap to keep the machine clean.
  7. Unscrew each PTFE switch after stopping the machine, and the PTFE piston will be deformed if it is still in the working state for a long time.
  8. Clean the sealing ring regularly. The method is: take off the sealing ring, check whether there is dirt on the shaft, wipe it clean with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease, and reinstall it to keep the shaft and the sealing ring smooth.
  9. The maintenance of internal electric control components and heating components must be operated by professionals or professional electricians.
  10. Do not pour water directly on the product or use abrasive powder, thinner, petroleum, kerosene, acidic substances and similar items when cleaning the site, otherwise it may cause electric shock and other accidents.
  11. Original accessories must be purchased, and random use of other accessories will cause fatal damage to the 10l rotovap.
  12. When doing any repair or inspection on the 10l rotovap, be sure to cut off the power supply and water source first. Note that this device is a fragile product, please handle it with care when using it, the damage of fragile products is not within the scope of our warranty.

Re 501- rotary evaporator5


Mol Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range Evaporation Rate(H2O) Voltage Lifing Height(mm)
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~140
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃ ≥1L/h 220V/50HZ 0~150
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃ ≥1.5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~120
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃ >3L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃ >5L/h 220V/50HZ 0~220
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃ >9L/h 380V/50HZ 0~220
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃ ≥1 220V 50/60HZ 0-140
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250) >3 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250) >5 220V 50/60HZ /
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250) >9 380V/50HZ /
Model Rotating Motor(W) Water(Oil) Bath Power(W) Temperature Control Range
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT~99℃
RE-5299 30 1500 RT~99℃
RE-201D 40 1200 RT~399℃
RE-301 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-501 40 1500 RT~399℃
RE-1002 180 3000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2002 180 5000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-5002 250 7000/9000 RT~99(250)℃
RE-2000B 40 1500 RT-99 Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
EXRE-1002 180 3000 0-99(250)
EXRE-2002 180 5000 0-99(250)
EXRE-5002 370 7000/9000 0-99(250)


Q: What is the technical principle of 10l rotovap?

A: In a negative pressure environment, the evaporating flask rotates at a constant speed in the water bath, and the solvent forms a thin film on the inner wall of the flask to increase the evaporation area. It can vacuumize to reduce the evaporation temperature of the material, condense and recover, and concentrate and separate the material.

Q: What is the key technology of 10l rotovap?

A: It is the tightness of the system, that is, under the erosion of various solvents, and whether the system can maintain a high vacuum value in a continuously rotating environment is the key to the equipment. RE-This series of rotary evaporators is sealed with Teflon material and glass, which can withstand various solvents. The seal is stable and reliable for a long time, and can maintain the high vacuum value above -0.098MPa.

Q: What is the difference between a vertical cooler and an inclined cooler?

A: There is no obvious difference in essence. Upright coolers are gaining in popularity due to their small footprint. Vertical coolers are generally used for large space evaporators.

Q: What is the basis for customizing the lifting of the host and the lifting of the water bath?

A: With convenience, stability and economy as the criteria, small machines (below 5L) lift the host, and the above-mentioned 5L lifts the water bath.

10L Rotovap

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