Recirculating Chiller Heater

Model: GDX20-30
Application: Recirculating chiller heater can provide a temperature controllable, constant temperature environment, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and health, life science, light industry food, physical properties
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Introduction To Recirculating Chiller Heater

In the whole system of GDX series recirculating chiller heater, the liquid circulation is sealed, the system has an expansion vessel, which is mechanically connected, does not participate in the liquid circulation and is insulated from the liquid circulation. Regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid cycle is high or low, the medium in the expansion vessel is less than 60 degrees. The whole liquid cycle is a closed system, it will not inhale water vapor at low temperature, and will not inhale oil mist at high temperature, and the heat transfer oil has a wide working temperature.

Recirculating Chiller Heater Features:

  1. Since the entire liquid circulation of the recirculating chiller heater is a closed system. There is no water vapor absorption at low temperature, and no oil mist generation at high temperature.
  2. The recirculating chiller heater can realize continuous heating and cooling, and adopts the technology of operating the compressor under high temperature and high pressure. The high and low temperature integrated machine can directly turn on the compressor for refrigeration from 350 degrees. The high and low temperature all-in-one machine greatly improves the cooling rate, saving test time and energy.
  3. The recirculating chiller heater is equipped with an integrated heating and cooling container, with a large heat exchange area, fast heating and cooling rates, and relatively small demand for heat transfer oil.
  4. The box body of the recirculating chiller heater is processed by CNC machine tools, which is beautiful and elegant in shape, and uses a non-reactive handle, which is easy to operate.
  5. The inner tank of the box adopts imported stainless steel mirror panel, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness.

recirculating chiller heater detail

Applications Of Recirculating Chiller Heater In Various Industries

  • Semiconductor industry

It can be used for environmental testing of components and simulation testing of electronic components. In semiconductor production and electronic device testing, there are many processes that require precise temperature control, and the heating, cooling and temperature control integrated machine can be used for high and low temperature control testing.

  • New energy vehicle industry

The requirements for temperature control in the automotive industry are generally in the testing and material testing links. All parts of the car will be used in high temperature and fluctuating conditions.

  • Aviation industry

It can be used for component environment simulation test and evaporative cooling environment simulation test. Stress test of heating, cooling and temperature control all-in-one machine cycle temperature changes to ensure that the components used are free from failure.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Synthesis, hydrolysis and other processes that require temperature control. In the pharmaceutical industry, the temperature control system of different student reactions plays a decisive role in the quality of the company’s research and development products and the results of production.

  • Chemical industry

Distillation purification, chemical synthesis, etc. Many processes in the chemical field, such as chemical reactions, synthesis, drug production, polymerization and crystallization, need to be carried out in temperature-controlled reaction vessels. Therefore, the temperature control of the reactor is a very important factor in the whole process.

recirculating chiller heater application

Operation Use:

  1. This device must be matched with a three-phase four-wire air switch. After the power is turned on, the internal power of the machine can be turned on when the power indicator light is on.
  2. After the power is turned on, the display and all outputs of the controller are turned off, click the “Power” button to enter the normal working state.
  3. Temperature setting:In the normal display state, click the “Setting” button to enter the temperature setting state, the upper row of the display window will display the prompt “SP”, and the lower row will display the temperature setting value. Click the “Setting” button to exit this setting state, and the modified setting value will be saved automatically.
  1. After the temperature is set, turn on the “cycle” button, and then add liquid to the equipment. If the liquid addition is completed, the cycle key must be turned on for the heating and cooling to work, otherwise the heating and cooling will be invalid.

Remarks: Please turn off the refrigeration switch when the temperature is above 70°C to save electricity.

  1. When accurate constant temperature is required, when the set value SV≥50°C, only need to turn on the “heating” button, and when the set value SV≤50°C, turn on the “cooling” and “heating” buttons at the same time; Constant temperature, you do not need to turn on the heating button.

recirculating chiller heater display


  1. The electrical connection and maintenance operations of the machine must be operated by qualified professionals!
  2. In the case of high temperature, after stopping the heating, the cooling cycle is required, and the cycle is stopped after the temperature drops to 100 degrees.
  3. Replace the heat transfer oil in time according to the recommended usage time of the heat transfer oil manufacturer.
  4. The daily maintenance of the equipment must be carried out. Check the pipeline at least once a month, check the line once a month, and observe the condition of the heat transfer oil.


Model GDX-5/10 GDX-5/30 GDX-10/30 GDX-20/30 GDX-30/30 GDX-50/80 GDX-100/60
Temp. Range


-9~199 -30~199 -30~199 -30~199 -30~199 -80~199 -60~199
Refrigerant R404 R404 R404 R404 R404 R404 R23 R404 R23

Capacity (W)

380~1200 150~2425 275~2150 550~3460 850~9200 420~14500 2400~18500

Power (W)

1000 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 9000

Power (W)

1600 1800 2900 4300 6400 16400 22000
Circulating Pump

Power (W)

100 100 100 100 100 280 280
Flow (L/min) 20 25 20 25 25 35 35
Lift (m) 6 6 6 6 7 11 11
Voltage (V) 220 220 220 220 220 380 380
Current (A) 9 10 16 22 31 28 46


Q: How do I choose the right recirculating chiller heater for my application?

A: When choosing a recirculating chiller heater, factors such as the required temperature range, flow rate, pressure requirements, and compatibility with the fluid used should be considered. Please consult the FBL manufacturer to ensure the correct model is selected for your application.

Q: What is the temperature range of the recirculating chiller heater?

A: The temperature range of a recirculating chiller heater depends on the specific model and manufacturer. Some models can reach temperatures as low as -9°C or as high as 200°C.

Recirculating Chiller Heater

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