Pilot Glass Reactor

Model: F-10L
Capacity: 10L
Application:Chemical synthesis,Drug development,Biotechnology,Food and beverage industry,Environmental testing
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The F-10L pilot glass reactor is designed with single-layer glass. The body of the glass reactor is heated by an electric heating jacket and a water bath, so that the reaction materials in the reactor are stirred and reacted at a constant temperature. The Pilot Glass Reactor has all the systems required for a glass reactor and also includes a heating bath. While stirring the reaction materials, the water bath heats the pilot-scale glass reactor, which can improve the distillation efficiency under negative pressure. It is an ideal equipment for modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.

Pilot glass reactor supporting equipment:

1. DLSB-5/10℃ low temperature coolant circulation pump.

DLSB-5/10℃ low-temperature coolant circulation pump uses mechanical refrigeration technology to provide low-temperature liquid and low-temperature water bath. In addition to being used with a rotary evaporator, it can also be used with vacuum freeze drying ovens, magnetic stirrers and other instruments.

2. SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

SHZ-C circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump uses water as the working fluid, and vacuumizes by using the negative pressure generated by the jet. It is suitable for research experiments, small tests and small batch production of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, vacuum filtration and other processes.

pilot glass reactor supporting equipment

Pilot glass reactor features:

Pilot-scale glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor, which can carry out various biochemical synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also perform reflux or distillation at different temperatures. The pilot glass reactor is sealed with PTFE material, and the sealing, anti-corrosion and wear resistance are all strengthened. Frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation, and can also be equipped with electric heating jacket heating or cooling coil according to customer needs.

  1. PTEE material is used for sealing, and the sealing, anti-corrosion and wear resistance are all enhanced to ensure high-precision sealing under working conditions.
  2. The frequency converter adopts electronic stepless speed regulation technology to keep the operation relatively stable.
  3. The pilot glass reactor is equipped with a liquid crystal control panel, which can clearly display control and data information.
  4. The pilot glass reactor uses an intelligent temperature sensor, which can display the temperature digitally, with high temperature measurement accuracy and small error.
  5. The distillation and reflux of the pilot glass reactor can be carried out at the same time, which can effectively improve the working efficiency.
  6. Large-diameter Teflon discharge valve is adopted, which can put solid and liquid materials, and can discharge quickly.
  7. Large diameter cleaning port, easy to clean.
  8. The main structure is made of stainless steel, equipped with five reactor covers.
  9. Stable, elegant and durable.

pilot glass reactor Advantages

Pilot glass reactor application:

1. Stirring reaction

The pilot glass reactor has the function of stirring, and the gas, liquid and even suspended particles in the solution can be mixed evenly through the circulation of the stirrer. By putting in different liquids or substances and stirring them, the liquids are prevented from evaporating and refluxing, so as to make the mixing more thorough.

2. Purification reaction

As an important chemical method, purification not only plays an important role in chemical research, but also plays a very important role in chemical production. Through a series of steps, the pure liquid and the desired material can be extracted.

3. High temperature reaction

“High temperature” means that the temperature must be very high when this reaction occurs, and the pilot glass reactor makes many experiments can be carried out normally.

The pilot glass reactor is mainly used for material synthesis, distillation, concentration and other experiments, and it is widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biology, new energy, electronic semiconductors, automobiles, large laboratories in universities, and scientific research institutes.

pilot glass reactor Detail


Single layer glass reactor

Model Stirring  Power(W) Stirring Speed(rmp) Heating Power(kW) Capacity(L) Temperature Using Range(℃) Motor  Torque(g/cm)
F-1L 60 0~1000 0.5 1 RT-250/RT-350 2000
F-2L 60 0~1000 0.8 2 RT-250/RT-350 2400
F-3L 60 0~1000 1.2 3 RT-250/RT-350 2400
F-5L 60 0~1000 1.5 5 RT-250/RT-350 4800
F-10L 120 60~600 3 10 RT-250/RT-350 1000
F-20L 120 60~600 4.5 20 RT-250/RT-350 1200
F-30L 120 60~600 6 30 RT-250/RT-350 1200
F-50L 120 60~600 7 50 RT-250/RT-350 1500
F-100L 180 60~600 9 100 RT-250/RT-350 3000

Jacketed glass reactor

Model Power(W ) Stirring Speed(rmp) Diameter Capacity(L) Power Supply Motor  Torque(g/cm)
S-1L 60 0~600(Max.1300) 12 1 220V 50/60 Hz 2000
S-2L 60 0~600(Max.1300) 12 2 220V 50/60 Hz 2400
S-3L 60 0~600(Max.1300) 12 3 220V 50/60 Hz 2400
S-5L 60 0~600(Max.1300) 12 5 220V 50/60 Hz 4800
S-10L 120 0~600(Max.1300) 12 10 220V 50/60 Hz 1000
S-20L 120 0~600(Max.1300) 12 20 220V 50/60 Hz 1200
S-30L 120 0~600(Max.1300) 12 30 220V 50/60 Hz 1200
S-50L 120 0~600(Max.1300) 12 50 220V 50/60 Hz 1500
S-100L 250 0~600(Max.1300) 15 100 220V 50/60 Hz 3000


1. How to heat the pilot glass reactor?

The pilot-scale glass reactor uses an electric heating jacket and a water bath to stir the reaction materials in the reactor at a constant temperature and react. The Pilot Glass Reactor has all the systems required for a glass reactor and also includes a heating bath. While stirring the reaction materials, the water bath heats the pilot scale glass reactor.

2. Can the F-10L pilot glass reactor be explosion-proof?

The F-10L pilot glass reactor is not explosion-proof. If you need, you can contact us and tell us your needs, and we can customize the explosion-proof pilot test glass reactor for you.

3. Is the pilot glass reactor easy to operate?

The pilot scale glass reactor is easy to use and easy to operate. It can be moved, operated, cleaned, installed, and disassembled by one person. It can carry out various stirring reactions. It is easy to use, safe and fast.

Pilot Glass Reactor

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