Fruit Freeze Dryer Machine

Model: FD-50H
Capacity: 50kg
Application:Fruit freeze dryer machine for home use for food are often used for drying fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, as well as medicinal health care, pharmaceutical industry, and biological research
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Introduction Of Fruit Freeze Dryer Machine

The Fruit freeze dryer machine has a capacity of 50kg and is a commercial freeze dryer specially designed for freeze-drying fruits. The machine generally uses the same basic working principle as other types of commercial freeze dryers, but is designed specifically for processing fruit. Fruit freeze dryer machines typically include a vacuum chamber, refrigeration system, and heating elements to sublime ice crystals in the fruit. The machine also includes other features such as temperature and humidity control system, touch screen control panel and various safety mechanisms.

Working Principle Of Fruit Freeze Dryer Machine

Fruit freeze dryer machine, its working principle can be divided into three main steps: freezing, sublimation and desorption.


The first step in the freeze drying process is to freeze the material to be dried. This is usually done using a freezer or other rapid freezing method, which helps preserve the structure of the material.


After the material is frozen, it is placed in a vacuum chamber and heated slightly. This causes the ice crystals in the material to change directly from a solid to a gas, a process called sublimation. As the ice crystals turn into water vapor, they are drawn from the material and into a vacuum chamber.


In the final step of the process, the water vapor drawn from the material is removed from the vacuum chamber using a condenser. The water vapor is condensed back into a liquid, which is then collected and disposed of. The freeze-dried material is left in a vacuum chamber with a low moisture content for an extended shelf life.

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Precautions Of Fruit Freeze Dryer Machine:

Some precautions should be taken when using a fruit freeze dryer machine to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Follow the ZZKD instructions:

Always operate and maintain the fruit freeze dryer machine according to the instructions. This will help ensure safe and effective use of the equipment.

Avoid overloading the freeze dryer:

Do not overload the freeze dryer with too much food, as this will affect the quality of the freeze-dried product and may cause the fruit freeze dryer machine to malfunction.

Use appropriate protective equipment:

Wear protective gloves and goggles when handling frozen or freeze-dried foods and when cleaning the freeze dryer. This will help prevent any potential danger.

Regular cleaning and disinfection:

Regularly clean and sanitize fruit freeze dryer machines to prevent the build-up of bacteria and other contaminants that could affect the quality of freeze-dried foods.

Proper storage of freeze-dried foods:

Store freeze-dried foods in a cool, dry place and make sure they are properly packaged to prevent exposure to moisture, air and light.

Monitoring during the operation of the freeze dryer:

Pay close attention during the operation of fruit freeze dryer machine, if you find any abnormal sound or smell, you should stop the machine immediately.

By taking these precautions, you can help ensure that your commercial food freeze dryer operates safely and efficiently and produces high-quality freeze-dried food.fruit freeze dryer machine1


Model Drying area(m2) Tray size(mm) Shelf size(mm) Voltage(V) Machine size(mm)
FD-03H 0.3 205*385 385*205 220-240V  50-60Hz 450*610*


FD-06H 0.56 220*510 / 220-240V  50-60Hz 620*694*


FD-10H 1.18 295*800 / 220-240V  50-60Hz 660*990*


FD-50H 5 / 412*1400 380-440V  50-60Hz 886*1804*1539
FD-100H / / 508*2400 380-440V  50-60Hz /
Model Drying area(m2) Tray size(mm) Shelf size(mm)
FD-03H 0.3 205*385 385*205
FD-06H 0.56 220*510 /
FD-10H 1.18 295*800 /
FD-50H 5 / 412*1400
FD-100H / / 508*2400


Q: How to solve the unstable voltage of the Fruit freeze dryer machine?

A: Generally, the working power supply voltage of the freeze dryer is 225 volts. Once the voltage is higher or lower than the allowable range, the compressor of the freeze dryer cannot work normally. If it is serious, it will affect the operation of the equipment, or even fail to operate.

Solution: When we encounter voltage instability, we will check the specific situation. When the power supply voltage is unqualified, replace the qualified power supply; when the power supply voltage is unstable, then you can use AVR (220V ) or add a voltage regulator to the original working power supply.

Q: What should I do if the indoor temperature is too high?

A: The freeze dryer needs to be operated in a suitable environment, so when the indoor temperature is higher than 30°C, our condenser may not be able to condense, and then the system will fail.

Solution: If the indoor temperature is around 28°C, the user can open the back door of the condenser or open the door of the room to optimize the ventilation and cooling conditions.

Q: What should I do if the indoor temperature is lower than 0°C?

A: The freeze dryer needs to be operated in a suitable environment, and the indoor temperature is too low and it is not suitable for the operation of the freeze dryer. If the indoor temperature is lower than 9°C, the compressor oil of the fruit freeze dryer machine will become viscous, which will easily affect the normal operation of the compressor. In addition, when the temperature is too low, the electronic components of the freeze dryer may also be affected.

Solution: When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, you can use other auxiliary heating equipment to heat up the ambient temperature, such as turning on the air conditioner, heater, etc., and try to keep the temperature above 5°C and below 30°C.

Fruit Freeze Dryer Machine

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