Short Path Distillation Unit

Model: D-SPD-20L
Capacity: 20L
Application:Essential oil extraction,Concentration of cannabinoids,Flavor and fragrance extraction,Solvent recovery,Purification of compounds
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D-SPD-20L Short path distillation units are a powerful tool for separating and purifying liquids on a larger scale, 20L short path distillation units are able to handle more liquids than smaller kits and are therefore suitable for larger scale distillation processes . In addition to its use in laboratory and industrial settings, short-path distillation is commonly used to produce high-quality cannabis extracts such as THC and CBD oils.

Short path distillation unit supporting equipment:

1.DLSB-20/40 ℃ Low-temperature coolant circulation pump.

Capacity: 20L; Minimum no-load temperature: -40°C; Power 100W

DLSB-20/40°C Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump is a commonly used experimental instrument in the laboratory, which is used to circulate coolant or refrigerant at low temperature.

2.SHZ-C circular water vacuum pump.

Capacity: 50L, SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump is used to create a vacuum environment by removing air and other gases from the sealed system, and is often used in conjunction with other laboratory equipment (such as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying ovens and filtration equipment) to Facilitates various laboratory procedures.

3. Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump.

The rotary vacuum pump can be used to achieve various vacuums from low to high vacuum. It is designed with compact, energy saving and low maintenance costs, and can run continuously for a long time. The spin -type vacuum pump is a reliable and efficient tool that can be used to generate and maintain vacuum in the laboratory and industrial environment. Its multifunctional, ease of use and durability make it a popular choice for widespread application.

short path distillation unit supporting equipment

Advantages of Short path distillation unit:

Handling liquids on a larger scale:

Compared with small short path distillation units, 20L short path distillation units can handle a larger amount of liquid, so they are suitable for larger scale separation and purification processes.

Improve separation efficiency:

The special design of short path distillation units can separate mixtures at lower temperature and reduced pressure, thereby reducing the degradation of sensitive compounds and improving separation efficiency and product purity.

High precision:

20Lshort path distillation units can precisely control the temperature and pressure, thus making the distillation process more accurate and controllable.


In addition to its applications in the laboratory and industrial fields, short-path distillation can also be widely used in the production of cannabis extracts, including THC and CBD oils.

Save costs:

20Lshort path distillation units can process large volumes of liquid in a short period of time, saving time and cost and increasing productivity.

short path distillation unit Advantages

Short path distillation unit application:

20Lshort path distillation units are separation and purification equipment widely used in laboratories and industries. The following are its main application areas:

Chemical synthesis:

In organic chemical synthesis, 20Lshort path distillation units can be used to remove solvents or other impurities in reaction mixtures and purify desired products.

Cannabis Extraction:

20Lshort path distillation units are also widely used in the production of high-quality cannabis extracts such as THC and CBD oil. In this process, distillation is used to isolate and purify the desired compound from the original plant material in order to produce a more potent and pure final product.

Food and Beverage Processing:

20Lshort path distillation units are also used in food and beverage processing. For example, it can be used to remove solvents or other impurities from beverages, and to separate and purify alcohol during winemaking.

Petroleum and chemical industry:

In the petroleum and chemical industry, 20L short path distillation units are commonly used to purify compounds and separate mixtures.

short path distillation unit Detail

short path distillation unit Details

Short path distillation unit operation method:

Let’s briefly introduce the operation method of the Short path distillation unit:

  1. Preparation: Before starting distillation, ensure that the device is clean and the assembly is correct. Fill the distilled bottle with substances to be distilled and connect it to the heating cover. Connect the short -circuit diameter condenser to the distilled bottle, and connect the collecting bottle to the exit of the condenser. Open the vacuum pump and set it to the required pressure.
  2. Heating: Start using heating sleeve slowly heating distilled bottle. The temperature should gradually rise to avoid overheating or burning material.
  3. Evaporation: As the material temperature rises, it will begin to evaporate and rises through a short -range condenser. The vacuum pump helps reduce the boiling point of the substance and evaporate it at a lower temperature.
  4. Concretion: When the evaporated substance reaches a short -range condenser, it quickly cools and condenses back the liquid. The liquid was then dripped into the collecting bottle.
  5. Collection: Purither and concentrated substances are collected in the collecting bottle. This process can repeat multiple times to further increase the concentration.
  6. Turn off: After the distillation is completed, turn off the heating set and vacuum pump. The components of the disconnected device are thoroughly cleaned.

It should be noted that the operation method of a Short path distillation unit may vary from specific models and distilled substances. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s description to correctly operate and maintain the equipment.


Model Parts name Parts number
20L short path distillation 20L Digital Heating Mantle 1
20L short path distillation 20L 2 Neck Boiling Flask 1
20L short path distillation Short Path Distillation Head 1
20L short path distillation Cow Receiver 1
20L short path distillation 5L Round Bottom Flasks 3
20L short path distillation Plastic Keck Clips 7
20L short path distillation Cast Iron Stand 1
20L short path distillation Metal Three Finger Clamp 1


Q: What is the reason for the low vacuum of short path distillation units?

A: All parts of the enrichment equipment leak into the air. The infiltration of air puts an extra burden on the vacuum equipment, and in severe cases, it even leads to failure to evacuate. Insufficient cooling water. In addition to the reasons for water pump equipment, the lack of cooling water is mainly caused by blocked pipes and damaged valves. Insufficient cooling water prevents the secondary steam from being condensed in time, which seriously affects the operation of vacuum equipment.

Q: Why does the cooling water pour into the enrichment equipment?

A: A sudden power failure makes the vacuum in the pot higher than that of the vacuum system. At this time, if the steam is not turned off in time, the vacuum in the pot will be destroyed, and the cooling water in the vacuum system will be poured into the concentration equipment. If the operation is not carried out in the normal order (turn off the vacuum equipment first and then destroy the vacuum in the pot when the equipment is out of operation), the vacuum in the pot will be higher than the vacuum system instantaneously, and the cooling water will pour back. The sudden failure of the vacuum equipment makes the pumping rate of the vacuum system drop suddenly and sharply. In this case, if measures to destroy the vacuum in the pot are not taken in time, the cooling water will flow back.

Q: What is the reason for the equipment running out of materials?

A: When starting the operation, the amount of feed is too much at one time, which makes the liquid level in the separator too high, making it difficult to operate the compressed air and easily causing material run-out. In normal operation, the feed amount is less than the sum of the output amount and evaporated water, so that the liquid level in the separator is too high and the material runs out. In actual operation, if the vacuum is too high or the vacuum degree rises suddenly, material running will occur. The bottom of the intermittent operation thickening equipment leaks, causing the material liquid to jump severely and overflow.

Short Path Distillation Unit

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