Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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Introduction To Rotary Tablet Press Machine

A rotary tablet press machine is a specialized equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of tablets. It is a high-speed machine that can efficiently compress powdered or granulated materials into tablets of consistent size, shape, and weight.

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Advantages Of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

High Efficiency:

Rotary tablet presses are known for their high production capacity and efficiency. They can produce a large number of tablets per hour, making them ideal for mass production. The continuous rotary motion allows for a seamless and uninterrupted production process.

Consistent Tablet Quality:

Rotary tablet presses ensure uniformity in tablet size, shape, and weight. The machine applies consistent compression force to the material, resulting in tablets with precise dimensions and weight. This ensures that each tablet contains the required dose of the active ingredient, enhancing product quality and patient safety.


Rotary tablet presses offer versatility in tablet design and customization. They can accommodate various tablet shapes, such as round, oval, square, or custom-designed shapes, allowing manufacturers to meet specific branding or patient preferences. Additionally, these machines can handle a wide range of tablet formulations, including controlled-release, immediate-release, chewable, or effervescent tablets.

Faster Production Changeovers:

Rotary tablet presses are designed to facilitate quick changeovers between different tablet formulations. Tooling changeovers can be performed relatively quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing for efficient production of multiple products.

Precise Control:

Modern rotary tablet presses are equipped with advanced control systems that offer precise control over compression force, tablet thickness, and rotation speed. This level of control ensures accurate and consistent tablet production, reducing the risk of tablet defects or variations.

Enhanced Productivity and Cost-effectiveness:

The high-speed production capabilities of rotary tablet presses contribute to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. The machines can handle large production volumes, reducing manufacturing time and labor costs. Moreover, their high output minimizes material wastage and optimizes production efficiency.

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Application Of Rotary Tablet Press Machine 

Pharmaceutical Industry:

The primary application of rotary tablet press machines is in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of various pharmaceutical tablets. These machines can handle different types of tablet formulations, including immediate-release tablets, sustained-release tablets, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets, and more. They are used to manufacture tablets for a wide range of therapeutic areas, such as analgesics, antipyretics, antibiotics, vitamins, cardiovascular drugs, and many others.

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements:

Rotary tablet presses are utilized in the production of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. These machines can compress powdered or granulated ingredients into tablets, allowing for convenient and precise dosing of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other nutritional supplements.

Confectionery Industry:

Rotary tablet press machines are employed in the confectionery industry for the production of compressed candies and confectionery products. They can shape and compress sugar-based ingredients, flavorings, and additives into various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine:

Rotary tablet presses are also used in the production of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. These machines can handle herbal extracts, powders, and granules, enabling the production of standardized and consistent herbal tablets.

Chemical and Industrial Applications:

Rotary tablet press machines have applications beyond the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are used in the chemical and industrial sectors to produce compressed products such as cleaning tablets, dishwasher tablets, agricultural chemicals (such as fertilizers and pesticides) in tablet form, and other industrial tablets.

Research and Development:

Rotary tablet press machines are also utilized in research and development laboratories for small-scale production and formulation development. They enable scientists and researchers to test and optimize tablet formulations before moving into large-scale production.

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Maintenance Of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

When we usually use the rotary tablet press machine, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the rotary tablet press machine parts. In some parts, lubrication is required to help the rotary tablet press machine prolong its working time and service life. the

  1. Clean up the tablet pressing room in time. After the rotary tablet press has been working continuously for several hours, the tablet pressing room will be filled with fine powder of the material. These fine powders adhere to the punch, punch hole and die hole, which will cause the plug punch and the punch to rotate incorrectly. Flexibility, noise, even tablet weight instability and other mechanical failures, such as breakage of the punch and damage to the feeder, etc. Therefore, during the working process of the rotary tablet press, the tablet pressing room should be cleaned regularly, and it is recommended to clean it at least once per shift.
  2. Regularly check and maintain the wear-resistant workpieces. Wearable parts such as rail guides, pressure wheels, tablet press dies, etc. should be checked or lubricated in time, and preventive maintenance of equipment should be done well.
  3. Purchase spare parts. A certain amount of spare parts should be purchased according to the production situation for parts such as punching die, middle die jacking wire, bridge plate, feeder, guide rail assembly, upper and lower pressure rollers and shafts for emergency use.
Model ZP-5A ZP-7A ZP-9A
Punch quantity (Sets) 5 7 9
Max.tablet pressure (kn) 40 60 60
Max.tablet diameter (mm) 20 20 20
Max.filling depth (mm) 15 15 15
Max.tablet thickness (mm) 6 6 6
Turret rotary speed (r/min) 30 30 30
Production capacity (PC/h) 9000 12600 16200
Motor power (kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Overall size (mm) 400×580×1000 400×580×1000 400×580×1000
Machine weight (kg) 190 190 190


Q:Why are my tablets sticking to the punches?

A:Possible causes: Insufficient lubrication, improper formulation, excessive compression force, incorrect punch tip design.

Solutions: Ensure proper lubrication of the punches and dies, adjust the formulation if necessary, optimize the compression force, and consider modifying the punch tip design.

Q:Why are my tablets chipping or breaking during compression?

A:Possible causes: Excessive compression force, inadequate formulation, worn or damaged punches or dies.

Solutions: Adjust the compression force to the appropriate level, review and optimize the formulation, inspect and replace any worn or damaged punches or dies.

Q:Why is the machine producing tablets with inconsistent weight?

A:Possible causes: Inaccurate powder dosing, improper adjustment of weight adjustment mechanism, variations in compression force or powder flow.

Solutions: Ensure accurate and consistent powder dosing, calibrate and adjust the weight adjustment mechanism properly, optimize compression force and powder flow to minimize variations.

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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