Paint Thinner Recycler Machine

Model: T-40Ex
Capacity: 40L
Application: Mainly used in the cleaning industry: painted gold ornaments, precision casting, hardware manufacturing, plastic products, coating chemicals, electroplating spraying and other industries.
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Introduction Of Paint Thinner Recycler Machine

The Paint thinner recycler machine aims to reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated by these industries by recycling contaminated solvents. The machine works by heating the contaminated solvent to a temperature that evaporates the impurities but not the solvent. The vaporized impurities are then condensed and separated from the recovered solvent through a distillation process. The clean recovered solvent is then stored in a separate tank until ready to be used again

Advantages Of Paint Thinner Recycler Machine

  1. Accurate temperature: digital setting and display temperature, the minimum reading value is 0.1°C.
  2. The explosion-proof box of Paint thinner recycler machine complies with the Chinese Exde IIB T6 explosion-proof standard.
  3. Automatic shutdown system: it can be controlled by time or temperature.
  4. The recovery tank can be dumped, which is easy to remove residues.
  5. The Paint thinner recycler machine is designed for double-layer stainless steel barrels, with indirect heating to prevent solvent leakage.
  6. The switch is made of explosion-proof materials that are not corroded by solvents.
  7. The heating system and other wire joints are fully sealed.
  8. The motor of the Paint thinner recycler machine is an imported magnetic levitation type, which will not generate electric sparks.
  9. The temperature display has no contacts and will not generate electric sparks.
  10. Shut down at a fixed temperature, and after the solvent is recovered, it will automatically shut down according to the steam temperature.
  11. Scheduled shutdown, double shutdown protection function according to time.
  12. Ultra-high temperature protection, when the machine exceeds the set temperature, it will automatically stop the heating system.
  13. Ultra-high pressure protection, when the air pressure in the tank of the machine exceeds 0.3Br outside, the pressure will be automatically released to ensure the safety of the machine.

paint thinner recycler machine display

Application Of Paint Thinner Recycler Machine:

Auto parts, electronic products, painted gold ornaments, precision casting, hardware manufacturing, sports equipment, artificial leather, plastic products, coating chemicals, LED products, FRP products, resin shoe materials, etc.

paint thinner recycler machine application

Recyclable Solvent Types:

Aromatic hydrocarbons:

Toluene, xylene, trimethylbenzene, etc.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons:

Pentane, hexane, octane, etc.

Alicyclic hydrocarbons:

Cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, etc.

Halogenated hydrocarbons:

Dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, etc.


Methanol, ethanol, isopropanol (moisture content ≤ 5%).


Ether, propylene oxide, etc.


Methyl acetate, ethyl n-butyl ester, etc.

paint thinner recycler machine model

Safe Operation Of Paint Thinner Recycler Machine:

  1. Before officially operating the paint thinner recycler machine, first confirm that the parameters have been set.
  2. Prepare a clean empty barrel to receive the recovered solvent. The empty barrel can be an open container or two open containers.
  3. Before each operation, check whether the solvent condensation pipeline is blocked or leaks, check whether the safety valve is rusted or dirty, and the safety valve should be replaced regularly by maintenance personnel. And make sure that the sealing gasket of the steam barrel cover is intact and airtight.
  4. Check whether there is any air leakage. (Completed during maintenance)
  5. When the temperature of the paint thinner recycler machine has cooled down, pour the waste solvent into the distillation barrel, and be careful not to exceed the maximum liquid level marked in the barrel.
  6. Turn on the switch for recycling. Before recycling begins, check to make sure the lid is closed.
  7. After the distillation is completed, clean up the residue in the barrel. Before opening the distillation barrel, it must be determined that the temperature of the bottoms has dropped to a safe cleaning temperature. Generally, the temperature of heat transfer oil is lower than 80°C, which is safer.
  8. After each use of the paint thinner recycler machine, the condensing pipeline must be blown with compressed air to ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed.
  9. Turn off the switch and cut off the power supply. Clean the device and keep the gasket clean to make it more durable.


Model T-40 T-60 T-80 T-90 T-125
Feed Capacity (L) 40 60 80 90 125
Heating Component Power (KW) 4.0 4.0 5.0 5.0 6.0
Electric Fan Power (KW) 0.09 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.12
Maximum Power (KW) 4.5 4.5 5.5 5.5 6.5
Maximum Current (A) 6.9 6.9 8.4 8.4 10
supply Voltage (ACV/HZ) 3-phase 5-line 380/50-60
Control Voltage (ACVHZ) 220/50-60
Heating Method Hot medium oil indirect heating
Length (mm) 950 1100 1100 1100 1150
Width (mm) 750 750 850 850 850
Height (mm) 1200 1200 1260 1260 1435
Weight (kg) 140 160 250 260 300
operate Temperature  (℃) 50~210
The Best Ambient Temperature For The Machine To Run (℃) 5~35
Noise (dB) 65
Recovery Ratio 95%
Recovery Time 2.5~3.0 2.5~3.0 2.5~3.0 2.5~3.0 3.0~3.5


Q: What should I do if the paint thinner recycler machine recycles the waste solvent and evaporates it?

A: There are usually three situations where the solvent cannot be evaporated to dryness:

(1) The waste solvent contains a lot of water, which leads to the working time set by the paint thinner recycler machine, and there is still a lot of waste liquid in the recycling bin;

(2) When the Paint thinner recycler machine recycles the mixed solvent, all the low boiling point solvents have been recovered, but some high boiling point solvents are not recovered due to insufficient heating temperature;

(3) The recovery time set by the solvent recovery device is too short, and the recovery time can be extended appropriately.

Q: What should I do if there is steam leakage when the Paint thinner recycler machine is in use?

A: When it is found that there is solvent vapor leakage when the solvent recovery device is working, there may be the following problems:

(1) The cooling pipe is blocked: the steam cannot flow out after being cooled by the cooling management, and a certain pressure is generated in the recycling bin, and the steam overflows from the lid of the recycling bin under the pressure. The solution is the same as above.

(2) The sealing performance of the sealing ring is not good: the sealing ring of the barrel lid of the solvent recovery device should be replaced in time every 3000 times. Solution, ask us to replace the seal.

Paint Thinner Recycler Machine

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