Commercial Spray Dryer

Model: LPG-10L
Capacity: 10L
Application: Commercial spray dryer is used in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, milk powder, egg yolk, coffee powder, starch, protein powder, etc.
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Introduction Of Commercial Spray Dryer:

Commercial spray dryer is a kind of large-scale industrial equipment, which converts liquid or slurry into dry powder by atomizing liquid into small droplets and quickly drying with hot air, with evaporation ranging from 10L-200L, they are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical , ceramics and other industries for the production of powders with specific particle size, shape and properties.

Advantages Of Commercial Spray Dryer:

  • High capacity:

Commercial spray dryer can handle a large amount of liquid or slurry raw materials, usually tens to hundreds of kilograms per hour.

  • Customizable configuration:

Commercial spray dryers can be configured in various designs such as co-current, counter-current and mixed-flow according to specific applications and requirements.

  • Multiple heat sources:

Large spray dryers can be designed with different heat sources, such as electricity, gas or steam, according to specific applications and requirements.

  • Advanced atomization system:

Commercial spray dryers are often equipped with advanced atomization systems such as rotary, pressure or two-fluid nozzles to achieve fine droplet sizes and uniform distribution.

  • Advanced control system:

Often featuring advanced control systems that allow precise control of operating parameters such as temperature, airflow and droplet size to achieve consistent product quality and optimize production efficiency.

commercial spray dryer components

Applications Of Commercial Spray Dryer:

Commercial spray dryers are widely used in various industries to produce powders with specific properties and characteristics.

  • Food industry:

Used to produce various food powders, such as milk powder, coffee, cocoa, egg powder, juice powder, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry:

Used to produce drug powders such as antibiotics and vitamins.

  • Chemical industry:

Used in the production of chemical powders such as detergents, pigments, and catalysts.

  • Ceramic industry:

Used to produce alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and other ceramic powders.

  • Environmental protection industry:

Used in the production of environmental protection powders such as catalysts and adsorbents for pollution control.

commercial spray dryer selection

Operation Precautions:

Commercial spray dryers are complex industrial devices used to convert liquid materials into dry powders or granules. Due to the high temperatures and presence of combustible dust, special precautions are required during operation to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here are some of the most important handling considerations for commercial spray dryers:

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE):

PPE such as gloves, safety glasses, and respiratory protection must be worn when operating a large spray dryer.

  • Maintain proper ventilation:

A well-ventilated area is essential to the safe operation of a commercial spray dryer. Make sure the ventilation system is functioning properly and has adequate airflow to remove dust and fumes from the drying room.

  • Monitor temperature and humidity:

Spray dryers operate at high temperatures, so it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the drying chamber. This will help prevent overheating, which can cause a fire or explosion.

  • Use proper cleaning procedures:

The commercial spray dryer must be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of combustible dust and to maintain optimum performance Use proper cleaning procedures and avoid the use of any cleaning agents that may react with the material being dried.

  • Perform regular maintenance:

Regular maintenance of your spray dryer is essential to ensure its proper and safe operation, follow the ZZKD manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and perform routine inspections.

  • Train operators and staff:

Make sure all operators and employees are properly trained in the safe operation of the commercial spray dryer. This includes knowledge of the equipment, its potential hazards, and emergency procedures in the event of an accident or breakdown.10l commercial spray dryer


Model Inlet temperature


Moisture maximum evaporation (kg/h) Rotating speed (r.p.m) Diameter of spray

disc (mm)

Electric heating

power (kw)

LPG-5 140-350 5 25000 50 9
LPG-10 140-350 10 25000 50 20
LPG-25 140-350 25 18000 100 36
LPG-50 140-350 50 18000 120 63
LPG-100 140-350 100 18000 140 81
LPG-150 140-350 150 15000 150 99
LPG-200-2000 140-350 200-2000 8000-15000 180-340 According to

the actual situation

Model Inlet temperature


Moisture maximum evaporation (kg/h) Rotating speed (r.p.m)
LPG-5 140-350 5 25000
LPG-10 140-350 10 25000
LPG-25 140-350 25 18000
LPG-50 140-350 50 18000
LPG-100 140-350 100 18000
LPG-150 140-350 150 15000
LPG-200-2000 140-350 200-2000 8000-15000


Q: Why does wet powder adhere to the inner wall of the commercial spray dryer main tower?

A: This is because the feeding speed of the material is too fast and the amount is too large, so that it is not completely dried. The solution is to slow down the feeding speed and quantity, and adjust the feeding pump properly.

Q: Why are there a lot of impurities in the product?

A: The spray-dried material contains impurities, which will not be filtered out when filtered. The solution is to check the air filter and replace the filter according to the situation. If there are impurities in the equipment, please clean the equipment regularly to remove impurities.

Q: The phenomenon of powder running out is serious, the reasons and solutions for the low recovery rate of products.

A: If there is a problem with the cyclone separator, the solution is to check whether there are gaps in the cyclone separator and whether the airtightness is intact. The dust removal performance is low, and the solution is to appropriately increase the secondary dust removal.

Commercial Spray Dryer

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